Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! The miles between us are many, but we feel
the family connection no matter where we all are. Hope your day was filled with
good food & good company... ours was! We have much to be grateful for!

Corinne & Madrigals performing at Jubilee of Trees

Colton... keepin the music alive

MARSHALL! Come home... there is NO party without you!

Thanks for sharing, Colton.

Lauren has beginner's luck with her incredible Thanksgiving dessert!!

Pretending to be Britt

who am I kidding... we're just wanna be's

but give us an "A" for effort

smiles hiding the growling stomachs

Newlywed chefs

end of day- all burned out
(just like me)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A few new Pictures...

Hi everyone,
I was thinking that it had been awhile since I had sent any pictures out, so I figured I would just post them here! I would love to see some updated pictures of you guys too...especially the little ones who are probably taller than me now... and I need to see how much little Cy has grown too. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 14, 2008

A surprise email and pictures tonight!!

"Sister Cox,We had your son and Elder Gardner over for dinner a couple weeks ago and took these pictures. We thought you might enjoy them. We have really enjoyed having Elder Cox serve in the Pasadena Ward. We hope he stays another transfer (or more). His cheerfulness and optimism are contagious. He is working hard and is very happy in the work. Thank you for sharing your son with us.Josh and Sherri Gunn"

Autumn in Gridley

I thought you all might enjoy the view of the front of Mom and Dad's home as you pass by on the road. I have had the good fortune to be able to admire the colorful trees for a couple of weeks now. I absolutely love them. I am sure there are landscapes as beautiful where you all live, but thought you'd enjoy a shot of the old homestead.
- Christine

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Banff Memories

Oops... how did this sneak in? A couple years pre-Banff.

Gary- your reward for posing.

Oops, another one sneaks in.

you had to be in our car to appreciate this one


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just wanted to share a little post Halloween photo with you. The Beauty School girls all dressed up for Halloween. Paige went as a Beauty School Super-Heroine. You may not be able to tell, but strands of her hair match her tights.
She put this outfit together all by herself. I was proud of her.
- Christine

Oldies, but Goodies...

Me and Grandma...sitting in the directors chair?

Lauren, you will make beautiful babies...

We all remember this eventful trip! Two quotes from the trip: "MOM, get her!!" "Hey, how's your mission?"

"GQ, here I come.."

Thanks guys for posting already! I'm so excited about this. A couple things real quick...put your name on the bottom of the post so we know who is writing the post. You are more than welcome to add things or change things if you would like..this is everyones blog!
Just a quick update from out here in Oklahoma. We are doing great. Jason is loving his job, and loving college football even more. Jack is a Star Wars fanatic and Nolan is just trying to dodge getting steamed rolled. I just got a job at a bookstore working a couple nights a week and am really enjoying it. One of the perks is that I can "check out" what ever book I want. (I know, pretty awesome!) We miss everyone and can't wait to check in on the blog!
Is this Christine or Jayne? Come on Robin! Posting pictures isn't that hard!!

Cordner Update

Thanks Lacey for getting this started. It's 4:40 pm - dinner is ready, kids are at various places and I had a few minutes of peace and thought that I would let you all in on how we are doing. This is a milestone for me. I probably will not post any pics until I have the courage to figure that out.

Ken is pretty busy even though his custom residential jobs are coming to an end. He is busy working with his partner trying to come up with commercial jobs. They are pursuing some leads - one is a big development (theater, restuarants, stores) out by the Smith's Food King in Saratoga Springs. We'll see what happens. Football coaching is over for the season. I think he is enjoying the break from practices and games 4 times a week.

I am busy with keeping the house clean for potential buyers. Those of you who didn't know - we have our home on the market. Ken has a spec home here in Alpine and we need to sell one of these homes. We have had a little traffic and just hope that something happens this winter even if it's the worst time to have your home up for sale.

McKenzie is busy trying to juggle, homework, swim team 2 hours a day, piano practicing, and social life. She loves swim team and she was recently released as Beehive President. She had a fun time doing that but is glad that there are no more meetings.

Mitchell's football team made it to the first round of playoffs. Ken is hoping that everybody on their team grows 7 inches and gains 20 pounds during the offseason. The joke is that Alpine men love their women small - because all the boys are small!!! - compared to American Fork and Pleasant Grove. He is coming along in scouts and his goal is to get his Eagle when he is 13. He is in the middle of completing 3 merit badges through BYU pow wow.

Mary Anna can be found listening to her ipod and dancing around in the kitchen. She loves music and singing - and she's good at it! She is busy this month writing a report on "painted turtles." She is an excellent student that makes her teacher very proud. She does everything right and her teacher couldn't think of one thing that she needs to work on. She is so helpful playing with Maddy and any other little girls that are hanging out at our house.

Matthew has become very interested in Playstation. He loves playing the football games and his "real" football team made it to the playoffs also but sadly, lost their first game. Matthew was such a great team player. There were lots of boys that when not playing, would run around and wrestle and goof off. Matthew always had his helmet on, watching the game, ready to go when his coach called his name. He worked hard and impressed his parents with his commitment and diligence.

Maddy loves kindergarten. She has so much fun with the 7 girls in her class and puts up with the other 16 boys. She is learning to read and does a great job. She is constantly coloring for homework and is learning to sound out words and spell them the way she thinks they are spelled. She was a snow princess for Halloween. We had way too much candy around our house.

Well, I must go - but will post later. It's so fun to look up blogs and see what is happening so thanks Lacey. Hopefully everybody will take part in this.