Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hari Krishna

I went to the Hari Krishna Festival of Colors this weekend in Spanish Fork with some friends.
Apparently its some sect of Hinduism... or something... I can't remember I was trying really hard to listen to the shpiel but I got so excited for the chalk part! So there were like a thousand people of something like that and you buy colored powdered chalk ahead of time and after they burn this witch demon thingy in a big ol' fire everyone just starts throwing chalk everywhere! And there was this huge colorful cloud of beautiful awesomeness and you really couldn't see a whole lot or breathe a whole lot... so you know it was amazing! and then everybody just kind of danced around for a while... goodtimes... super fun! you should all come next year!

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Holly and Heidi weren't planning on going to the Twirp (Morp/Sadie Hawkins) but when they helped decorate for the dance Friday night, they began to have second thoughts. After a few phone calls, a new dress, a borrowed dress (thanks Jessie!) and an in-house hairstylist, they were good to go.

There was just one hitch, neither one had a man! Hope there weren't too many upset dates!