Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jensen family update :)

It's about time I joined the ranks of Jehamacoco-ing. Here's a lil' update on us and life in Daybreak, Utah.
First of all, it's getting cold. I don't know how I ever tolerated Rexburg. I guess now, it's feeling that much colder, because I've faced the fact that my freezing little toosh will be here for the rest of my life! yikes. But yeah, the autumn time was enjoyable and very beautiful. I guess I can look for beauty in the winter... maybe.
We are excited to be celebrating our first Christmas together. Thank goodness, Steve doesn't have to work Christmas day. He works Christmas Eve day but will be home the next morning. Dec. 24th through Jan. 1st are called "black out days" for firemen . So you have to work when you are scheduled, and you can't take your day off...unless you can find someone crazy enough to trade with you. (A little fire district enlightenment there for ya).
Steve's work has been good to him. Not any fires since this last summer, not too many drunk girls hitting on him, and no life threatening situations while he's been on the ambulance, so he's good. He loves every day he goes to work because of the possibility of something really cool happening. Poor guy, jk. He still loves it. On his days off you can find him on the computer updating our budget for the month, as he is (we are) diligently trying to knock out as much debt as we possibly can. He's gotten me hooked on recording and analyzing our expenditures. We get all psyched thinking about the day that we can finally escape the bondage of debt!
Work is going well for me. I love what I do, teaching has it's challenges, but I don't think I could be happier doing anything else. I love all those little, and not so little kids.
We are pleased to see all the excavators and loud tractors outside our house gone. For those of you who have seen, there has been tons of construction going on right outside our house, with a new road going in and a trax line ending almost at our doorstep. On the note of teaching, though, Daybreak has announced the building of a charter school opening fall '09. The location of which, is also going to be right behind our house! So, with the news of that, I've applied for a teaching position there. How could any one pass up the op. of working in their backyard? I've recieved word that they'll be reviewing applications in January. So far, things sound we'll keep crossing our fingers.
Hmmm...anything else??? Steve and I are anticipating a laparoscopy comes February. Finally! We were scheduled to have it done a week ago, but good ole insurance won't cover me till I've been on with him for a year. I'll manage a few more months with the hope that all will be taken care of soon. Till then the hope of expanding our family remains dim, and we'll see how things go after that ;)
Married life in the Jensen household steadily remains a joy as we are inching closer to our year anniversary. It's awesome to have someone to face life with, to enjoy the little moments that make it great, and work with to overcome the obstacles that make it a challenge. He is my little soul mate, surely.
We look forward to our Cali trip. Never a dull moment in that Haven's household. And hopefully we can recruit a souvenir called "Paige" back up with us. We'll see.
Happy Holidays to all JEHAMACOCO!!! We love you all and are so glad to have come from and enjoy the company of the absolute #1 family ever.
Crystal and Steve

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby Jenkins

Baby Jenkins Family visits the Cox's enroute to Disneyland.
Awwww... photo op!!